GUYS!! Signs that your woman about to be bonked by another man

Love and marriage are two things that go hand in hand but marriage does not always mean the end of love. You can’t always control who you love. It happens and people decide to pretend like they don’t hoping the feelings will go away. For men, when they cheat, it is usually sex.
here are 4 sure signs she is in love with another man:
1. She refuses to let go of him
Perhaps you noticed how close they are and how often they talk. If you have mentioned to her that she should stop seeing or speaking with him and all she has done is refuse, this could be a sign. If she even goes to the extent of hiding to talk or see him, instead of getting rid of him completely, you can see she cares for him. Don’t make the mistake of giving her an ultimatum because love can cause her to make a rash decision.
2. She does the same things for him
As a wife, she is to cater to some of your needs and be a good home keeper. If you find her cooking food in the house and making his portion, this is a sign she is in love.
3. She tells him more than she tells you
A friendship is one of the easiest relationships to turn into love. Friends are relaxed around each other and can be themselves.
She and the guy may have started out as friends and then they evolve into something more. Plus, as the husband, she may feel there are some things she can’t complain about to you and she will confide in him. The more they share, the deeper their connection will be.
4. She has openly said she loves him
When women say I love you, it’s easy to downplay the depth because women are caring and givers of love. However, though they can say I love you casually, it has truth in it most times.