How Big Is The Average P£nís? Does Size Really Matter to Ladies? Find Out Here

The average man’s p£nís is 5.6 inches (14.2 centimeters) long when £rect, a new survey of 1,661 men finds. The study, published online July 10 in the Journal of S£xual Medicine, is relatively consistent with the results of prior surveys of p£nís size.


Penís size has been the subject of dozens of studies, as well as countless urban legends, myths and spám emails. For many men, the idea of not measuring up can cause a great deal of ánxiety.

But whether penís size truly matters to a man’s S£X partner is up for debate. Some research shows  that women who experience váginal orgásms do so more consistently with men of bigger girth.

Other work suggests bigger isn’t always better: One study found that ideal penís size depends on a person’s height, and another showed that girth matters more than length to most women.


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