I Infected over 300 Guys With HIV

Remember to go to a health care center and get HIV tested because things might be bad. There is a certain girl who has come out claiming that she has slept with over 300 guys without protection.


And she has also expressed why she did it:

I was infected in my first year with hopes and expectations of a brighter future.

Upon my admission during the freshaz night, I met this dude who offered to take me out for a drinking spree. Since I was fresh from the village and I had passion to adventure and learn a lot, I naively accepted the offer.

We drove to the famous Amnesia club, it was my first time to taste vodka, at first I refused but the guy insisted.

I forced the bitter stuff down my throat. When we were done, we proceeded to comfy to spend our night there.

In bed the gut fucked me without my consent.

I regretted to joining this beast. My efforts to deny him were futile.

There I watched my future being ruined.

Days later I tested for HIV and unfortunately I was infected.

My mind raced back to that time and I felt do bad, I first thought of committing suicide but a second thought told me I must pay back

I vowed that all men must pay for this, my future since then has remained blank.